Hydraulic Actuated

Butterfly Valves have divided two-piece shaft that is guiding the disc. One of these shafts transfers the gearbox rotation force to the disc.
In case of an operation of the Hydraulic Actuator, the shaft rotates in its axis and moves the attached disc to open or close the valve.
The second shaft is used to guide the disc to the body of the valve. Friction of guiding is lowered by the bronze bearings on the body.
Butterfly Valves have Closed End Disc Design, and shaft bearing system is isolated from the medium by o-rings. As a result, high corrosion resistance and durability is achieved.


Nominal Size
Nominal Pressure
Face to Face
EN558-1 Series 14
(DIN 3202 F4)
Body Material Options
Ductile Iron
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Nickel Aluminum Bronze
Rubber Lining
Flange Standards
EN 1092/2
BS 4504
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