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Dismantling Joints

The Dismantling Joint range extends from 50mm to 2000mm and with the flange ratings of PN10/16, all common drillings are available in pressures up to 40 BAR. We can also meeet to specific customer specifications and dimensions on request.

Fire Hydrant

We offer two types of Fire hydrants – the Dry Barrel type and the Wet Barrel type. They come with all the necessary local and international approvals.

Flange Adaptor

Flange Adapters are designed to join pipes of various outside diameters with flanged equipment of various drilling tables. Because of the wide range tolerance on OD a Flange Adapter can connect steel, ductile iron, UPVC pipes.

Indicator Post

Indicator Post provides a means to operate a buried or otherwise inaccessible valve. Also, it readily and clearly indicates whether the valve is open or shut. Each unit of an Indicator Post consists of four components, the Post, Telescoping Pipe, Base, and Stem and is designed to withstand high operating torque.


Strainers are used to protect the Valves, Pumps, Meters etc and are usually installed in the upstream to filter the unwanted particles from the medium. The most common types used are the “Y “ type and the Basket type. These are available with various sizes.


The valves are offered with ductile iron body or cast iron body and use all of the latest technology for simplicity, durability and superior performance. Our Valves for Fire Protection are in conformity with the highest standards of the third party certification organizations like the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Factory Mutual (FM).