Ultrasonic Watermeters read water flow by the help of two ultrasonic probes positioned in the same axis.
In case of a velocity change, variance in ultrasonic waves is detected by the probe and by the help of the processor; these variances are converted into flow rate data.
Flowrate and Consumption Values can be read from the IP68 protected LED Screen.
Furthermore, it provides an alarm in low battery conditions. Internal Lithium Battery can provide power up to 10 years autonomously.
Shutoff Valve works with hydraulic principles and is controlled by the Prepaid Controller. When open, the valve provides minimum headloss and it provides drip tight sealing in shutoff.


Nominal Size
Nominal Pressure
Face to Face
Body Material Options
Ductile Iron
Hydrant Connection Piece
Protection Cover
RFID Card / GPRS Comms
Flange Standards
EN 1092/2
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