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• Cable Gland and Accessories
• Tinned Copper Lugs & Ferrules
• Flexible Conduit & Accessories
• Brass neutral link

Cable Ladders

Cable ladders made from a variety of materials, with a wide choice of cabling depths and load capabilities. They provide a cable management solution for heavy commercial, industrial, mining, LNG or other applications.
They are supplied in straight lengths, but use fittings to make directional or level changes with bends, tees, crosses or risers, or to change cabling widths with reducers.

Cable Trays

Cable Trays are support systems used in building electrical wiring. These cable support systems are commonly used to support insulated power and communication cables. Cable trays provide a more preferable alternative to electrical conduit systems and open wiring.
The cable trays which are available in accordingly are as follows:
• Light Duty Cable tray, also known as P Type.
• Medium Duty Cable Tray, also known as M Type.
• Heavy Duty Cable Tray, also known as R Type.
-Light Duty Cable Tray or LDT which are used for light duty applications and are easy to install.
-Medium Duty Cable Tray or MDT is used to provide extra protection and strength to the cable components which improves the life of these cables.
-Heavy Duty Cable Tray or HDT, it is used for extra protection and is installed very easily and have high accessibility.

Control Cables

Application: Suitable for connections for Control Circuits, Communication Systems, Electrical Panels, Machine Tools, etc. Also used for lighting at lower loads.
Types and Sizes: Upto 61 cores from 1.0 sq. mm to 2.5 sq. mm.
Conductor: Copper – Solid, Stranded (Circular) or Flexible – Bare or Tinned
Insulation: PVC – Type A, Type C, Polyetheylene, XLPE
Inner Sheath: PVC – ST1, HR, FR, FRLS, LSZH
Armour: Galvanized Steel Wire / Strip / Tape
Outer Sheath: PVC – ST1, HR, FR, FRLS, LSZH

Copper Tape

High-conductivity, annealed, soft drawn flat copper earthing tape, manufactured in accordance with BS1432-C101. Suitable for use within a variety of earthing (grounding) and lightning protection applications.
All copper tapes are annealed for ultimate ductility and feature radiused edges to aid on-site installation. Available in a range of coil lengths depending upon the tape dimensions, we also offer a cutting service where tapes are sold by the metre.
For applications where different metals will be in contact with each other or areas of high soil contamination, we would recommend fully tinned copper tapes. Lead-sheathed (Pb) 25 x 3mm copper tape is also available for areas of high soil contamination.

Distribution Switchboards

A final distribution board (FDB) is an assembly of protective devices, including two or more fuses or circuit breakers, arranged for the distribution of electrical energy to the final circuits.
• Form 2 segregation as standard
• Sheet steel enclosures ranging from 1.2 mm thickness (standard) up to 1.5 mm (special project requirements)
• Available in row type and pan assembly type
• IP ratings up to IP42
• Single phase and three phase boards available up to 24 ways
• Multiple row DB’s available up to 6 rows (16 and 24 modules)
• Floor or wall-mounted with surface and flush-mounting options
• Panels in compliance with latest international standards and local regulation

Distribution Transformers

Our Oil Type Distribution Transformers offer a cost-effective solution for your network. Whether it is for managing a rural network, or for simply improving your energy efficiency, we have the perfect solution for any distribution transformer application. Ground mounted, pole mounted or high-efficiency oil type transformers all form part of our extensive range.

Earth Chamber

Precast Earth Pit inspection Chamber are load rated to Residantal ,Industrial, Commercial suitable for most types of earthing and lightning protection installations.
Lids are available in 2 types, one with a central lifting eye for industrial applications. The other with a unique plain lid Non trip surface, ideal for public and pedestrian areas, shopping arcades, supermarket forecourts and cinemas where trip hazards are a potential problem.
The base is designed to accept a diagonal earth bar with 5 or 7 terminations.
If an alternative high load inspection pit is required the Heavy Duty Inspection Pit is recommended. Ideal for areas where high loads or small wheel vehicles.

Earthing Rods & Accessories

Copper earth rods  offer the contractor the best and most economical earth rods for structural earthing and lightning protection – earth rods are designed for use where extremely high corrosion resistance and long service life are required.
Earth rods and their fittings are used to provide the interface to ground in all soil conditions in order to achieve satisfactory earthing systems in overhead and underground electricity distribution and transmission networks – providing high fault current capacity on low, medium and high voltage substations, towers and power distribution applications.
Copper earth rods are produced from solid copper bar and are internally threaded for jointing – when deep driving a solid copper earth rod the usual practice is to insert the rod into a bore hole and backfill with either low resistance earthing compound or Bentonite.
Copper earth rods provide effective earthing for all site conditions and are manufactured from 99.9% copper with excellent corrosion resistance and very high tensile strength.
Earth rods take advantage of lower resistivity soils at greater depths than normal excavation will allow – used in conjunction with copper earth plates they are used to attain an effective earth in shallow soils or in locations with large amounts of buried services eg high voltage switching positions.
Other type of earthing rods are-
• Solid Copper
• Copperbond
• Galvanised Steel
• Stainless Steel