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GE Osmonics Desal Membranes
GE Osmonics membrane elements are applied for placing reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes in RO systems for water treatment.
Membrane of all 4 inch and 8 inch GE Osmosics membranes suitable for different pressure ratings depending on the to be treated salinity of the water. Also the end-caps and membrane module connectors are indicated with their model type numbers for spare parts & components ordering and material selection.
GE Osmonics Desal membrane elements are divided in the following catagories:
AD – Sea water membranes
AD membrane elements are characterized by a very good sodium chloride rejection. AD Seawater Elements feature high-pressure construction.
AE – High Rejection High Flow Seawater RO Elements
AE – High Rejection Low Energy Seawater RO Elements
AG – Brackish water membranes
AG Standard Brackish Water Elements are selected when high rejection and operating pressures as low as 200 psi are desired. These elements allow moderate energy savings, and are considered a standard in the industry.