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Filters and Membranes

GE Osmonics Desal Membranes
GE Osmonics membrane elements are applied for placing reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes in RO systems for water treatment.
Membrane of all 4 inch and 8 inch GE Osmosics membranes suitable for different pressure ratings depending on the to be treated salinity of the water. Also the end-caps and membrane module connectors are indicated with their model type numbers for spare parts & components ordering and material selection.
GE Osmonics Desal membrane elements are divided in the following catagories:
AD – Sea water membranes
AD membrane elements are characterized by a very good sodium chloride rejection. AD Seawater Elements feature high-pressure construction.
AE – High Rejection High Flow Seawater RO Elements
AE – High Rejection Low Energy Seawater RO Elements
AG – Brackish water membranes
AG Standard Brackish Water Elements are selected when high rejection and operating pressures as low as 200 psi are desired. These elements allow moderate energy savings, and are considered a standard in the industry.

Flap Valves

Flap valves: Flap valve especially designed to prevent backflow into sewers and protect properties against flooding.The flap valve is recommended for properties located close to waterways and bodies of water (streams, rivers, embankments, ponds …) where the surface water is directly discharged through an outfall into the watercourse.

It prevents the water from rising up through the sewer (heavy rain, storms or floods) and causing flooding.

·         Made from glass fibre reinforced isophtal acid polyester and coated in an isophtal acid Gel-Coat, the new MULTI N flap valve design from offers   superior resistance, all while further reducing its weight.

·         The screws and bolts as well as the valve’s axle are made from grade 1.4401 (316) stainless steel and the seal is made out of EPDM.

·         The MULTI N valve can withstand pressures of up to 1 bar and is highly resistant to corrosion, ultraviolet light, thermal shocks and mechanical stress.

·         Flap valves can be equipped, if necessary, with a lifting ring nut for quick and easy handling from a distance.

·         Flap valve can also deliver you purpose-built solutions for your specific applications

Flow Meters

We provide complete portfolio for process instrumentation

·         Flow, level, temperature, pressure, process analytics

·         Meters, sensors, systems and accessories

·         Wide range of measurement technologies

Insulted Skid Spacers

For improved performance, reliability and productivity, then our casing spacers may be just what you are looking for.  Here are a few of the advantages of casing spacers versus banded wood skids.
– Casing Spacers will save you time and labor – quickly installed by a single worker.
– Casing Spacers’ performance and reliability are far superior. Casing spacers provide electrical insulation, will not rot or settle, support carrier pipe weight uniformly, protect against long term corrosion, require no casing filler and slide into place easily.
Please have the following information ready when placing your order:
– Casing Spacer Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, or Polyethylene
– Configuration: Standard (Clear Bell Only), Centered, Centered Restrained, Clustered
– Type of Carrier Pipe
– Diameter of Carrier Pipe
– Inside Diameter of Casing Pipe (or Casing wall thickness)
– Outside Diameter OD of Bell (if applicable)
– Width of Spacer, Model Number etc..
– Additional information (for multi-pipe, cluster design)
– Model & Quantity of End Seals

Nut Bolts and Washer

Fasteners: We supply variety of standard and special-grade fasteners a broad range of extremely reliable, precise and accurate Stud Bolts, Anchor Bolts, U Bolts, Threaded Bars in Steel and Steel Alloys of different sizes from high-quality grade raw material. At the same time we can facilitate customers by our ready stock, for hex nuts, heavy hex nuts, jam nuts and washers in black, electro galv., hot dip galv., stainless steel finish.

Pipe Repair Clamp

A clamp for quick repair of pit holes, punctures or splits in steel pipe. Repairs leaks on water, gas, oil and pressure steam lines up to normal working pressure 10 Kgf/cm². Suitable for repairs of steel, cast iron, brass, asbestos cementos and plastic pipes.

Plastic Cell Soak away System

Local rainwater infiltration is often required by law. As more and more ground is sealed with buildings, car parks and roads, the sewer system is having to work harder and the risk of flooding increases. Our infiltration systems are here to help. They make sense both ecologically and economically because they take the strain off the sewer network and save surface water drainage charges.
Plastic storage systems have become a popular solution for rainwater infiltration and retention. Infiltration ditch bodies require very small amounts of space compared with gravel ditches or drainage pipes. They offer a large infiltration volume for a low weight. Other benefits of infiltration modules include their high load capacity and durability.

Polythene Sheets

Polythene sheets are used during building construction to prevent structural damping that occurs when warm, moist air penetrates inside a concrete slab, wall, roof or floor structure reaches the dew point, and then condenses into liquid water.The warm, damp air may penetrate a wall from the inside of a heated building in a cold climate or from the exterior of an air-conditioned building in a warm climate..
This condensation may allow mold growth, rotting of timber, corrosion of metal components and reduction in the thermal insulation’s effectiveness.
The resulting structural damage may occur without visible indications until significant damage has occurred.
The most effective method of controlling damping is using an impervious vapor-barrier on the warm side of the structure.
It has an extremely low water permeability rating of typically 1.7SI Perms.
It can be used in between the insulation material and structure surface to act as a damp-proof membrane.
On site concrete slabs employ a 1000 guage (250 microns) polythene sheet laid underneath the concrete to prevent the moisture from being absorbed.

Surge Protection System Pressure vessels

We provide surge analysis and pressure vessels in the piping system to avoid water hammer which can result in the following:
Definition of Water Hammer
The phenomenon of Water Hammer takes place without any advance notice just as blackout, and it causes drastic increase or decrease (negative pressure) of pressure. Thus, it is vital to install equipment to relieve the impact of Water Hammer to secure safe operation of a piping system. The pressure within a piping should be controlled in a certain range during the operation even under an unexpected situation.
Why do a surge(water hammer)analysis necessary? 
– Pressure extremes usually occur during a period of transient flow
 – Pressures may exceed design limits
– Undesirable conditions occur (low pressures, cavitation, large pressure spikes, etc.)
– High pressure transients break pipes
– Low pressure transients destroy seals
– Low pressure transients may cause health risk
– Evaluate surge protection schemes
Damage of Water Hammer 
-Raised pressure in the pipeline causes break of facilities such as pumps, valves, pipes, and supporting structures.
-Vapor cavities causes collapse or heavy shock wave generated in the course of column separation and subsequent return causes break of the       pipeline.
– Low pressure in water supply pipeline causes health risk by letting in pollutants from outside.
– Water hammer may cause vibration and noise or make automatic control hard due to abnormal pressure wave.
  Based on the surge analysis we provide surge vessel fully tested and certified.