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Surge Protection System Pressure vessels

We provide surge analysis and pressure vessels in the piping system to avoid water hammer which can result in the following:
Definition of Water Hammer
The phenomenon of Water Hammer takes place without any advance notice just as blackout, and it causes drastic increase or decrease (negative pressure) of pressure. Thus, it is vital to install equipment to relieve the impact of Water Hammer to secure safe operation of a piping system. The pressure within a piping should be controlled in a certain range during the operation even under an unexpected situation.
Why do a surge(water hammer)analysis necessary? 
– Pressure extremes usually occur during a period of transient flow
 – Pressures may exceed design limits
– Undesirable conditions occur (low pressures, cavitation, large pressure spikes, etc.)
– High pressure transients break pipes
– Low pressure transients destroy seals
– Low pressure transients may cause health risk
– Evaluate surge protection schemes
Damage of Water Hammer 
-Raised pressure in the pipeline causes break of facilities such as pumps, valves, pipes, and supporting structures.
-Vapor cavities causes collapse or heavy shock wave generated in the course of column separation and subsequent return causes break of the       pipeline.
– Low pressure in water supply pipeline causes health risk by letting in pollutants from outside.
– Water hammer may cause vibration and noise or make automatic control hard due to abnormal pressure wave.
  Based on the surge analysis we provide surge vessel fully tested and certified.