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Distribution Switchboards

A final distribution board (FDB) is an assembly of protective devices, including two or more fuses or circuit breakers, arranged for the distribution of electrical energy to the final circuits.
• Form 2 segregation as standard
• Sheet steel enclosures ranging from 1.2 mm thickness (standard) up to 1.5 mm (special project requirements)
• Available in row type and pan assembly type
• IP ratings up to IP42
• Single phase and three phase boards available up to 24 ways
• Multiple row DB’s available up to 6 rows (16 and 24 modules)
• Floor or wall-mounted with surface and flush-mounting options
• Panels in compliance with latest international standards and local regulation

Low Voltage Switchgear

Our MDB’s are dimensionally accurate and offer hassle-free performance and are well known for their superior quality, durability, high mechanical strength and perfect finishing.
• Design verified power switchgear and control gear assembly as per IEC 61439-2 and type tested for internal errors (arc faults) as per IEC 61641
• Modular sheet steel assembly system with 2 mm thickness and Internal segregation from form 1 to form 4 as per IEC 61439-2 with high level of corrosion resistance
• Epoxy powder coated to RAL 7032/ RAL 7035 and folded construction for high rigidity
• Fully type-tested panels up to 7000A (ASTA Certified) in compliance with all major regulations including DEWA,

MCC Panels

The MCC panels comply with international standards and are available with multiple power stabs that help in supporting high capacity industrial motors as per the client specifications.
• Fully type-tested panels including internal arc fault test
• Form 2, 3 and 4 types of segregations
• Busbar rating up to 7000 A
• Available in fixed and draw out type of design
• Provision of forced ventilation when required
• IP ratings up to IP65
• Front or rear access with pre-fabricated bolts on base for protective devices
• Fault withstand of up to 50KA for 3 Seconds
• Panels in compliance with all international standards