Cable Trays

Cable Trays are support systems used in building electrical wiring. These cable support systems are commonly used to support insulated power and communication cables. Cable trays provide a more preferable alternative to electrical conduit systems and open wiring.
The cable trays which are available in accordingly are as follows:
• Light Duty Cable tray, also known as P Type.
• Medium Duty Cable Tray, also known as M Type.
• Heavy Duty Cable Tray, also known as R Type.
-Light Duty Cable Tray or LDT which are used for light duty applications and are easy to install.
-Medium Duty Cable Tray or MDT is used to provide extra protection and strength to the cable components which improves the life of these cables.
-Heavy Duty Cable Tray or HDT, it is used for extra protection and is installed very easily and have high accessibility.
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