Single Chamber & Four Function Non-Slam

Non-Slam Air Release and Vacuum Valves are designed to perform the three functions of Double Chamber Air Release and Vacuum Valves, and an additional damping function to protect the system from a possible water hammer:
1. Venting of large volumes of air on the start-up of the system, while pipelines are filled.
2. Intake of large volumes of air on shut-off of the system, while pipelines are being drained.
3. Discharge of pressurized air pockets during the operation.
4. Prevention of slamming during the operation and the start-up of the system by forming an air cushion in the system.


Nominal Size
Nominal Pressure
Face to Face
Body Material Options
Ductile Iron
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Nickel Aluminum Bronze
Cleaning Plug
Manifold Connection
Rubber Lining
Flange Standards
EN 1092/2
BS 4504
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