G I Trunking

Cable Trunkings are manufactured compling to BS 4678 Part1
Cable trunking are manufacured to a standard length of 3 mts but can be produced to any desired length also on request.
Cable Trunkings are manufacutred with jet lock & screw fixing covers. Jet lock arrangement requires only a quarter rotation of the turn buckle for fixings.
Cable Trunking straight lengths are joined by connectors. Connectors are supplied in pairs with trunkings along with neccessary fastners.
Cable Trunking Accessories are produced out of single piece and require no welding. Accessories are produced with integral connectors & require no seperate connectors for joining.
Cable Trunking Accessories are manufactured to a standard radius of 300mm, but can be produced to the radius of 600mm & 900mm also, on request.
Cable Trunkings can be produced with different thickness also for custom designed requirements
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